Thursday, April 19, 2007

What's in a Name???

Well, with Payne as a name you really have to be careful when naming your child. Finding a name for our little baby was a bit of a task...We couldn't have called him "Justin" (Just-in-Payne)... I really liked "Grant", but shyed away from that as I thought it would make him sound like too much of a thug (to quote the CHEMT "...Sometimes things grow into a name...")..I didn't want our little boy to ever grow up to be someone to Grant Payne...I also love the name Oliver...but was worried that people would tease him and ask if he had paine all-over! Well we ended up choosing the name Chaim Payne...(PRONOUCED KY-UM). I first heard the name Chaim in High School when I was introduced to the great author Chaim Potok. My English teacher pronouced his name "Ky-um" which I believe to be the right way to pronounce this name...Unfortuneately for our Chaim, everyone else seems to think that "Chame" is the "right" way to pronounce this name...quite honestly this pronounciation never even crossed my mind when I selected his name...Poor guy...our little Cham-payne...
Whenever he has an appointment and they call out Chamepayne, I correct them and say "it's Chaim" to which they reply, "ohh sorry about that" which I reply..."don't be - it's our fault!" Well what is in a name anyway...As long as you pronounce it right I really like the name Chaim...I just hope that when he grows up he will too...but perhaps in the future to avoid other naming blunders we will let Ella name our next baby...By the way, thanks chad for the help with our blog name. Audios


  1. Try having two sisters named after precious stones and being stuck yourself with...well anyways...what is in a name? Nice post.

  2. ..."don't be - it's our fault!"

    Haha that's awesome Crystal. Great post, I can't wait to follow along.

    - Chad

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