Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Walk in the Park

lately with Tan and the kids gone, Chaim and I have been needing to find other ways to fill our day (which has not been easy...Chaim sure misses you guys). Well fortunately for us, Fish Creek Park is just a little jaunt away. We go for our daily stroll at least once, sometimes two times a day...and it is wonderful. What a little treasure. Yesterday we saw our first American Goldfinch of the summer, Red-winged blackbirds, Mergansers, and well.... take a look...

a porcupine?
Chaim loved to sit in the grass, but I have to always watch him...He is such a little dinosaur and everything that he can grab goes straight into his mouth...a typical sequence of events....

1. first he sees it....

his though bubble I am sure is "hmm...what is this? ...only one way to find out..."

2. Planning his attack

3.Initiating .....

4. The Crunch Down ....


Truly nothing is safe....
Dum Dum Dum....[suspense building]

Truly nothing is safe from him. Tanis can even attest to this fact...He was always trying to put Jessica in his mouth, and if my face gets too close to his mouth he will clamp down on my jaw bone, nose, or whatever he can grab...He truly is our little Dinosaur...Luckily still no teeth.

NOTE: No Porcupines were injured in the making of this blog

Random Facts:

  • Baby Porcupines are called "Porcupettes"
  • "Some dinosaurs ate lizards, turtles, eggs, or early mammals. Some hunted other dinosaurs or scavenged dead animals. Most, however, ate plants (but not grass, which hadn't evolved yet)." (United States Geological Survey


  1. Nice work Crystal. I miss Chaim so much!!! Wish we could have joined you on that little walk.

    Nice to see you blog again

  2. We wish you could have joined us too...As I recall the last walk we went on together we ended up having to be that was some crazy weather -- despite the appearance of a very beautiful sunny day - very deceptive. Well, lets just say that John and Jeremy must have been in the eye of the storm while we were suffering on it's fringes. Good thing they came to our rescue.