Monday, October 5, 2009

My Little C is 3

Chaim turned three this weekend.

I have been working almost everyday (including birthday morning), so trying to pull off a B-day party was looking like it wasn't going to happen (at least not the way I had initially planned).

Luckily, this summer on one of our visits to Heritage Park, Jeremy entered a draw and won a Family Delta Zoo package.

So this weekend we stayed at the Delta Hotel and Had A Pool/waterslide party with the CHEMTD's. It was perfect. Chaim had soo much fun on the waterslide and with his cousins. He keeps asking to do it again. Thank you so much for comming you guys. He absolutely adores EMT and D. We feel so lucky that he has such awesome cousins to look up to.

I brought my camera, but forgot to take it to the pool...ohh well, here are some other pics of my big B-day boy. I am so proud of him.

I get a kick out of how much he loves Dinosaurs, and now snakes (just one more reason why EMT are soo cool!!!)

The middle picture was taken on his first day of school...He is getting soo big!!!!
We sure love you Chaim!!!


  1. Oh Chaim is getting to be so grown up! We love ya!

    And Happy Birthday to you too Crystal!!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Chaim. He really is getting so big! And brave too! I can't believe he actually looks happy with that snake around his neck!