Saturday, October 16, 2010


Well, here I am again at Growing Paynes. We actually sold our little JC & Co. Cottage, which means no more paint wheels, countless time looking at design/cottage decor blogs or schemeing reno projects for The J.ster, add to that the fact that in a few months our Co. (Chaim and Oscar) will change with the addition of another, I will actually not be posting at JC & CO. Cottage anymore. I would like to sincerely thank all of my many loyal fans over at JC & Co. (Lorin and Liam), thank you.

Well, this past year has definitely had its share of growing pains and life back in the city was getting to be too much for me to handle. Add to that a few embarrassing moments which at the time I felt would be impossible to recover from, an inability to stop over-working (when you have the dream job as a mom and can pick your hours and only live a block away, and work with the most fabulous can you refuse), and a constant feeling of a fish out of water, I did what any rational grown up would do...insisted that it was time to move. This always used to work when I was younger and needed a change. I would get the itch for change every 6months or so and would be planning my next move or adventure each January, ready to set off somewhere else by May...However, with the addition of a Husband who was satisfied with his current position and had his own plans for his career, two kids, a mortgage with a 5 year plan to pay it off in and a great house that would make that possible, I was beginning to see that my "great plan" to move may be much more difficult to execute than when I was in my single days. But with the help of a few good fits, and some time searching around the Internet, I gave Jeremy a list of positions that I at least wanted him to apply for --even if he didn't think he was qualified for or didn't want. Having just barely finished his Masters he felt that the city would provide the best opportunities for his career and knowing that he would not move for just any Teaching job, most of the positions were VP positions (except for a Principal position in Haida Gwaii and Tahsis). It was a long shot, but I had my fingers crossed and it seemed the only answer. We received many rejections in the weeks that interview, followed by another call from a school division that said he did not get the VP position he had applied for, but would he mind interviewing for a Principal position that was opening up in the division....The whole family drove down to that interview (I wanted to get a feel for the location) with the kids in the car, and a prayer in my heart, I contemplated whether or not we were doing the right thing...or was I just being completely selfish. I felt a calming reassurance that the interview would go well and Jeremy would get the job. As we sat and waited for Jeremy to finish his interview, 40 minutes turned into an hour, which soon turned into two. Finally he came out and said that his interview panel were meeting to discuss and then they would like to meet with all of us. Jeremy was then offered the Job and we were back in the car to drive the 35-40 minutes to the "town" to see the school, where Jeremy would be working at if he accepted the position. My first impression was that it was very charming. All 70 students learn to play the fiddle, (apparently the Christmas concerts are amazing), there is no gas station or grocery store, it is not even a town, more like a village or hamlet of 200 people or so. If we accepted the position, life would be very different indeed.
Well, long story short, we accepted the position...I will tell you more about the details and the adventure that followed after we accepted, however as this is already getting too lengthy, that is a story for another time. All I can say is that I absolutely love it here. The people are soo incredibly warm and friendly, it is such a beautiful place. I love the wide open space here (and it is such a treat for our boys)...We found a great place to live (another blessing in and of itself), which chad has aptly dubbed "The sanctuary" and I feel soo much gratitude to our Heavenly Father for opening up an amazing opportunity like this for us. Life here is wonderful, and has provided many more opportunities for concentrating on our family and home than our busy lives in the city had. Jeremy is enjoying his new position and learning so much. The staff at this school are soo incredible (definite pros at what they do) and everyone in the community is so dedicated and involved with the school...Jeremy feels a lot of support and a lot of opportunity for growth and development here.
I am feeling a peace, calm and happiness that encourages me to want to be a better mom, a better homemaker and a better person. I loved conference a few weeks ago, and felt very inspired by so many of the messages, particularly this one and this one.
I know that our Heavenly Father is mindful of each and every one of us, and though life is difficult and we struggle, He wants us to be happy and to have joy. I am soo grateful for His Tender Mercies which allow me to feel of his love and care in my life. This has definitely been a season of gratitude.


  1. Wow I am in awe that you have updated. Good job. Keep it coming and POST pictures!!!! Love you guys!

  2. Great post Crystal. We can't wait to visit the Sanctuary soon hopefully!!! Love you all! Hope you and Jeremy have many wonderful experiences out there....

  3. All I know is that I'm completely jealous of your new home and extensive grounds just from seeing a few pictures.