Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An Asian Baby, a Red Head or a Girl....

Whenever we are contemplating having a baby, or are in the early stages of a pregnancy before we know what we are having, I try to imagine what it will be. Each time I asked Jeremy if we could have an Asian baby (because really, have you ever seen an asian baby that wasn't super cute???...I can hardly resist pinching their little cheeks)...Jeremy will often respond with "Well, 1 out 3 children born in the world are Asian" with his "it could happen" look on his face (he probably just made that statistic up). I then tell him that if it isn't an Asian baby, then i hope he/she at least has red hair...but with not very much red hair in our family, we both know this isn't very possible. And finally after two boys (both of which I initially were sure were going to be girls), I have asked if he thinks we could have a little girl. When I became pregnant with little #3, I rushed out to Winners and bought a little pink outfit/blanket combo to bring baby home in. When I found out we were having a boy again, I seriously considered dressing him in pink for at least the first week, just to get my pink fix.

With our new baby set to make his grand appearance any day now, I have to say that I am truly thrilled we are having another boy. He will be the perfect addition for our little family and will have two great big brothers to look up to. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Chaim and Oscar are soo excited for another little baby... Chaim can't wait to hold him and explains how he will "Rock him back and forth and back and forth and sing 'I love you forever....(robert munch)", and First thing Oscar does when he comes into our room in the morning is checks the bassinet "ohhh no baby", as though he should just appear there in the middle of the night (I wish it were like that too). Three boys is perfect and I couldn't be more pleased. I can't wait to see the three of them become best friends. We sure are getting excited/impatient to meet our newest little man and although names for boys are soooooo sooo hard (I don't think we have even one that we are crazy about yet and only one that we are okay with...yikes...better hurry on that one), we have a really good track record for having super awesome, super cute little boys.


  1. Yes you do have a knack for having CUTE and very funny Boys!

  2. An update!?! I was thrilled to see you are blogging on one of my friends feeds!
    How are you, crystal? A boy! That is so exciting! I love 3 of a kind! Hope you are happy & well.