Saturday, April 9, 2011

Photography 101

Well, a week ago Chad called to talk about a lens that he had had Tan send up to me (one of Dad's old Nikon lenses) super long ago. I still hadn't given it a try, I just used my camera like any old point-and-click camera using the boring old kit lens that came with it. Because Dad's old lens was older my camera wouldn't auto-adjust for lighting I had to do all that manually (which I had no clue how to do)...Chad gave me a quick tutorial over the phone and I managed to get some great shots of this leftover muffin from breakfast (which really aren't even that amazing but are my best muffin pictures I have ever taken so I was excited)
...unfortantely I forgot all that Chad had walked me through...what is F-stop, shutterspeed, Iso? what???, so I still only have a great shot of this muffin (instead of of my kids) and I am back to using the kit lense to point and click my kids. Where is Chad when you need him? I think I will be calling you again for another quick lesson. Sorry you'll probably have to repeat it all over again...I do not know what I am doing (note picture below...

I think I let too much light that Iso, shutterspeed, F-stop, really I don't even know what any of those are...Help!!!
Talk to you soon.


  1. Hahaha, sorry Crys. If I was better at explaining, you probably would have remembered it. But that is one of the best muffin photos I have seen

    - Chad

  2. I too love the muffins but I'd really prefer a picture of Walden next time! Maybe his cute toes or thighs!!!

  3. Nice crystal! I have a hard time remembering it all as well!!!