Friday, April 29, 2011


I know the older boys are more frequently featured on this blog. Only because most of my pictures of our little walderoo are when he is sleeping. I am soo crazy in love with him. He is such a perfect dream. I can't believe he is already 3 months old. Each week that goes by makes me a little sad as I see my little baby growing up soo quickly--too quickly. I just want to freeze these moments. He is soo perfect and he is cooing and smiling and loving his big brothers, and they are loving him so much. I can't even begin to describe the bliss and joy that he is to our home...shortly after bringing him home I was holding him in my arms feeling so thankful to him for being such a perfect little boy...Everything about him has been soo effortless (okay, maybe not the pregnancy), but the delivery was, dare I say, a breeze, he sleeps through the night, is a great eater and is such a I was taking inventory of all of his awesomeness I let it slip that he was my friend and I thought we were kindred spirits...Jeremy gave me one of those..."that is the cheesiest thing I have ever heard," looks and then proceeded to make fun of me for the Anne of Green Gables cheese...but truly, he is such a sweet boy who has brought sooo much joy into our little family. We love you Walderoo!!

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  1. He is ADORABLE, Crystal! I love his cheeks & he just fits right in there with his brothers, doesn't he?!
    I'm glad that I am not the only one who has those "cheesy sentiments" about her babes. Old souls, and friends have often crossed my lips too!