Sunday, July 3, 2011

Schools Out for Summer!, O Canada, and You Might be a Red Neck if...

Well, School is out...Yahoo...We kicked it off with a visit from the Kjambd Hardy's. It was a great time and the boys can't wait til we do it again...We are looking forward to lots of family fun this summer. Lady was a delight as always and the kids loved meeting her.
On Friday we headed into the town where we go for church to take in the Canada Day parade. Chaim and Oscar loved all the candy they got.After the parade we had a little picnic and then got our tickets for the Demolition Derby. Yup, that is how they celebrate Canada Day here...A 6 hour long Demolition Derby. Definitely a first experience for me...I wasn't sure how I was going to like it (I mean, the first (and only) Hockey game I went to a few fights broke out on the ice and people went mad shouting "fight, fight, fight" was a little traumatic for me)...The thought of people purposely ramming their cars into other peoples cars likewise seems a little insane...but I guess I am adapting quite well to these parts as it was quite enjoyable.

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