Thursday, November 10, 2011

Counting Down the Days....

...To Summer!!! (I still don't know how to do the collages so this picture post is a bit messy).
Last summer was the best one yet!!! We purchased a lovely old tent trailer and spent over half of our summer in it. Right now I am dreaming about those days again. Some of our highlights were Waterton, Crowsnest Pass at the Chemtd's summer cottage, Our very own guided tour at Frankslide, Becoming Junior paleontologists at Tyrell, Surveyors lake and all of the painted turtles, discovering KOA's in the USA, Torrington Gopher Museum, bears, bison, deer, camping with the paynes at Wildnerness Resort, and loads of family time. It was our first summer that we were not working, and I am ready for an encore...I am looking forward to another great summer...Any suggestions of great places to visit or check out?

With the chemtd's recent return to blogging as well as the realization that my boys love looking at all the pictures on the blog...I have decided to catch up on some of our missed moments around here.

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