Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Feeling a sense of urgency yet?

Well, we went from renting our lovely new home at the "sanctuary" for $800/month, to now, while building--renting a one bedroom, home for $800 plus about $200/month to fill our cistern with water. Yes, our little family of 3 boys, a new labradoodle named Kit'n and Jeremy and I (6 warm bodies in total) have been living in a 1 bedroom barn-house while we build. It was the best option for us cost wise and he have made it work…separating a portion of the room with a curtain to make a "boys room", and putting a crib mattress on the floor in the closet, which at first Chaim would use but now Walden uses. This house is also for sale and so several times throughout the build I have wondered if in fact we would be homeless. Turns out not too many people are interested in living in a one-bedroom home (lucky for us I suppose). You would think that with our cramped living quarters and less than ideal arrangement we would be in a little bit more of a hurry to get the house built…I sometimes imagine where we would be right now had I not dug in my heals so much and wasted the year fighting over the blueprints. That being said, we learned valuable lessons in that year as we researched passivhaus and houses, overcame some communications challenges, and found a way to compromise and work together... which helped us be a little more ready for building. In the end I don't think I really regret anything, it was all learning and growing. They say that building a house can be very stressful on a marriage…I don't think when they are saying that most people are their own generals or their own builders most time…this being said, despite all the stresses and craziness we have experienced so far in building, picking the blueprints so far has been the hardest thing we have been through yet. Once we decided and started building we just began to work…and work and work…and each day could see a little bit more progress than the last. however I will say now that we not only are itching to get out of this one bedroom home, but now at times we are going down-right squirrelly in it. We all are in need of a little more space--to say the least.

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