Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Recently I read an article about blogging and the writer was of the opinion that this new past time is really a narcissistic way to show-case your best...since reading this article I have been even more wary of this form of communication...perhaps because I am guilty of such...lets face it -- you will never see a picture or post of my kitchen sink, my neglected laundry pile, or a picture of my hairendous haircut--but what you will see is one of the world's cutest boys, the handy work of my handsome hubby, and all of our exciting endeavors (uh, I guess those are still to come)...So today, I will just call a spade a spade because I really just feel like brogging a little.
Here we go....
Holy Heck, this kid is stinkin cute!!! Wow--Lucky me!

A budding musician. He can barely reach the keys, but is determined to practise...so studious...lucky me!
He is so hilarious lately. When the mood strikes he will give kisses, but otherwise prefers to play hard to get...He loves giving "bonks" - knocking heads, and is most always in the mood for this request (unlike our request for "kisses"). He does "sniffers", can wave goodbye and hi, and today just started clapping for the first time. I love it. He really is our pride and joy. Lately if I am in the kitchen doing busy stuff and he is entertaining himself in the living room he will make his way over to the piano and plunk out a tune.

The Mango wood coffee table and picture frames Jeremy made...Beautiful -- Lucky me!

The Canoe Paddle he made with silky oak and mango inlay.

Really, I feel so blessed.


  1. Nice post Crystal. You are so halarious!! I love those shots of Chaim. He's so cute and getting so big! Please come stay with us Chaim (you can bring your mom and dad too!). We miss you. Save one of your kisses for me Chaim! Love you guys.

  2. P.S. I never noticed his eyes before...GREEN!!! Love them. That one shot of him (pratically naked) sure brings out his eyes. You should let him be naked a little more often to show off his eyes!! he he. Jokes.

  3. P.s.s
    Jeremy, if you have any extra time, I'd love a cool mango table too!!! Just whenever you have a spare minute!!!

  4. I miss you guys so much. Look forward to seeing that cute little boy tomorrow! ;))) hee hee

  5. Crystal, I love the pictures. The one with Chaim on the grass is awesome!

    Love ya