Thursday, September 25, 2008


....Lets say I have this friend and this friend is a mom, the kind that always frets about her kids, follows them around to make sure they don't get into trouble or are safe...the kind of mom that is always worrying about their growth and development and runs around like "chicken little" every time something is wrong or just doesn't seem right.
Then lets say that this friend, who is a mom, has another friend who is also a mom, and friend #2 truly does seem to have her share of concern when it comes to her children's wellbeing ---yet handles it all very calmly and with a very positive attitude.
....I think that if I were anything like friend #1, I would want to be more like friend #2, because friend #2 is a very graceful, amazing, wonderful mother and I bet friend #1's kids would also like it if their mom could relax a bit and just be a little bit more cool and composed.
Just a thought...hypothetically and all.


  1. hypothetically crystal- momb #1 is still a good mom!

  2. ps: your boyz are lucky to have you.

    Worry is good

  3. haha i am wondring who the friends number 1 is and friend number two is? if you dont wanna reveal on line, give me a call and tell me it will bother me all night lol

  4. So funny. I'm going to try that hypothetical stuff at home. It's so fun hey. Like maybe next time I'm feeling overwhelmed... I'll give my husband a "hypothetical" situation! I'd say in your case.... "thing 1" and "thing 2" (I mean mom 1 and mom 2) shouldn't ever compare eachother to eachother!! Both are AMAZING daughters of God so really, both have the same amazing birthright and potential, with a few little differences here and there!!!