Sunday, September 21, 2008


I have friends that love musicals…you know, the real kitchy stuff like hairspray, enchanted, or high school musical. I have heard more than once the phrase…”I wish life were a musical – you could break into song whenever you wanted”…unfortunately I do not share that sentiment...perhaps because I can't carry a tune and I would feel terribly left out.

This week I watched a foreign film…and as everyone knows, the only way to watch a foreign film is to watch it in the appropriate language (that being the foreign one) with English subtitles. Although, as a mom this is very difficult to do…it is a rare occurrence to be able to sit and watch/read a show without having to finish up the folding or some other homerly task at the same time.

Of course my most recommended foreign films are “Life is Beautiful”, and “The Tiger and the Snow”(my personal favourite –it’s a beautiful love story).

Well, the film I watched this week (yes it took me all week just to find the time to get to the end of it) I am uncertain if I even liked…it was a little sad…and yet because of the subtitles, I think it still had a sort of charm about it...I find that you are able to catch little beauties or subtle nuances in subtitled films that would regularly go right over you. So I have decided that I wish life was subtitled.

This week every thing seemed to be going somewhere in the proverbial hand basket, (if you know what I mean). And perhaps had I had this week in subtitles it all would have been a little more charming or made a little bit more sense.

Chaim has been throwing up a lot this week…I have no idea what is going on…he is not sick or have the flu or anything, the poor little guy…this has probably been the worst stint of it yet…I hope we can figure this out soon. I have been an absolute basketcase about it--it totally stresses me out…and in between cleaning up vomit, and doing laundry and trying to get something into his little stomach, this week has slipped by with very little adventure or charm and a whole lot of mess and stress.

We have spent the weekend trying to regroup and re-organize. I hope this week is a little better.


  1. I can't remember the last time I watched a show with subtitles. (I must be a slow reader cause they always drive me crazy) but good for you for taking some "me" time and watching a movie. Here's hoping it's a MUCH better week. Love ya.

  2. aww crystal! i hope you gets things figured out with him!!

    my fav subtitle one is a film in chinese, i willl find out what it was, it was soo beautfil and there was so much meaning to it because they used colors to display their emotions and such!

  3. Hi Crystal, Kendall's brother Lorin here, I hope you don't mind me leaving a comment on your blog.

    I just had to agree with you about watching foreign films in their original language with subtitles. I haven't seen either of your favorites yet but I noticed they are both Roberto Benigni films. I still remember him climbing all over the furniture when he won the best foreign film oscar for Life Is Beautiful. I'll have to check those out soon.

    Many of my favorite movies are foreign. Considering the heaps of garbage that Hollywood puts out these days I suppose that is somewhat inevitable.
    Just in case you are looking for more subtitles to read and could use a suggestion I would recommend a Chinese film called "Huozhe" (To Live). There are several other foreign films whose English titles also translate into "To Live" so
    here is a link to its IMDB page in case you want to check it out.
    Sorry for the long comment. I hope Chaim is feeling better.

    BTW what would you mind sharing the name of the film that you watched over a week and aren't sure if you liked or not? It has got me all curious.

  4. Poor Crystal! Is that why you left church on sunday? BRAT (bananas/rice/applesauce/toast) diet may help, but only if the child will eat some or one of those things! :(
    One of my favourite movies is Life Is Beautiful and I agree with you on the subtitles. Have you seen Run Lola Run (german)? my momma memory tells me that it may have swearing, but it's in german and the plot line is kind of "sliding doors"esque. I've also been wanting to watch one that came out this past year about the berlin wall falling during a woman's coma and her family all pretends it didn't happen to ease her into life again...? I don't know what it is called but its been on my list...

    Hope you don't mind that I found your blog! And it was fun hanging out the other night- we'll have to do it again, maybe just the 8 of us!

  5. Lorin - Hey, good to hear from you. I have seen some of your comments on my siblings blogs and I was beginning to develop a complex that my blog just wasn't cool enough. Thank you for the recommendation...I will totally check it out.
    -some people think that Roberto is crazy but I think he is wonderful, funny, adorable, exciting and such a novelty...I think I love whatever he is in...and if I was one of those people that had crushes on movie stars...he would be the guy.
    -The movie I watched was "The sea inside" and is based on a true story of a man's fight to have the right to end his own life.

    Sara - Hey good to hear from you and thanks for the movie recommendation...I will definitely check it out to. The BBQ was awesome and it was great to see you guys. I took the boys home because Chaim was going I took him home and put him to bed. He isn't sick but every now and then he will gag and throw up at even the sight of food. This week he has been particularly sensitive with his gagging. He has some tests to do (blood work/x-rays) but the Dr. thinks it is behavioral. It's got me???

  6. Thanks for the reply Crystal. I have heard of The Sea Inside but haven't seen it yet, although I have picked it up from then set it back down on the video store shelf a few times. Maybe next time I'll take the plunge and rent it.

    Also I'd like to second sasa's recommendation of Run Lola Run. It's definitely not your average type of movie but it's very cool and satisfying over all. You just might need to be in a certain kind of mood for it.
    It stars Franka Potente, the girl who plays Matt Damon's girlfriend in the Bourne Identity. Speaking of moods, I'd say that if you're feeling like watching one of the Bourne movies it would probably a good time to see Run Lola Run as well. They aren't similar at all but being in such a mood will probably help you enjoy Run Lola Run.

  7. great post crystal,

    Johns main criteria for a GOOD movie is that it must have subtitles. They do make a movie better don't they.

    I love reading your posts. I really want to know what Kitchy means. sounds cool.