Saturday, November 8, 2008


This weekend I have had my talented sister-in-law and her husband stay with us. She is auditioning for a fancy-schmancy opera (Nuova) opportunity.
She has been extensively trained... she has studied opera and classical music with some of the best of the best, in foreign countries and far off lands -- Received praises and accolades that would astonish and amaze and critiques and criticisms that could devastate and destroy.
Now, a busy mother of 6, (quite an anomaly in the opera world), she continues to throw herself out there so to speak --to push herself, to provide new opportunities for learning and growth. And regardless of whether or not she wins over their approval at this audition, I admire her tenacity on not giving up on her talents.
Our house has been filled with beautiful opera music this weekend...(which apparently Chaim loves...each time she sings he stops what he is doing, listens and then claps approvingly at the conclusion...whereas when I sing, he shh's me, shakes his head, and puts his hand to my mouth (body language is very powerful)...I refuse to think it is my singing that he is so unpleased with but rather the genre that I am singing (it is possible that he just isn't a fan of Twinkle Twinkle and I am a Child of God)...Maybe I'll try my hand at opera tonight (once the company leaves of course)).
At any rate, I have had the opportunity to get to know my SIL this weekend a little bit better and to admire her accomplishedness.
And yet, though I have been known to compare myself a little to often and measure my weaknesses a little to critically -- I love that I have been able to still feel very accomplished next to this very talented mother of 6, and not feel as though I am lacking some how.
And I believe that my overwhelming sense of accomplishment comes from my very beautiful two little boys...and though I know that pride is not a good thing either...I just can't seem to help myself when it comes to those two.
I truly have two of the most ridiculously cute and awesomely awesome little boys...I feel so accomplished!
that and the fact that sometimes I impress myself by reciting the "JABBERWOCKY" (memorized in grade 4 no less) to see if I can still do it -- Yep...still got it! I am pretty dang accomplished too!!!


  1. I can't say that I've ever had an opera (or any kind of) singer stay and practice/entertain at my place ever. That must have been really... cool. (I tried to come up with a better adjective and at the same time choose one that wouldn't sound pretentious or like I had to search for it in my brain for too long but didn't have any luck, sorry.)

    You and Jeremy have got a couple of cute little guys there for sure! I think that's the first picture I've seen of little Oscar.

    That's pretty impressive that you can recite The Jabberwocky. I don't remember anything past "wabe".

    One other thing I think you, your brother and sisters are quite accomplished at is writing. It's not only that you all write well, it's more than that. You all seem to be able to express yourselves in a way that really lets your readers stand in your shoes and see through your eyes and understand just what you are trying to say. It doesn't hurt that you're all good with the humour as well. That's why I always enjoy reading all your blogs.

  2. I've heard you recite Jabberwocky many times and yes you've still got it!

    Sweet post!

  3. Lorin - ha ha, I think "cool" is the perfect adjective...I always do that too...I am a bit of a Thesaurus junkie - what a remarkable invention!
    Anyway,I think you are very funny so the compliment is especially flattering comming from you. Thanks.

    BTW I don't know if you know this or not but you are the proud new owner of a beautiful new, green, most amazing, Norwex Enviro Cloth (your prize, along with Tan's, for posting a comment at the very same time). Congratulations. email me at with your address so I can finally send it to you. Sorry for being such a laggard (another Thesaurus find).

  4. SCORE!!!

    Hey thanks Crystal. That is so kind of you. I kind of feel bad that I suggested we deserve a prize for posting comments at the same time. It was just a joke. But I will humbly accept the generous prize you have offered with a promise to never volunteer you for a give away ever again. That Norwex Enviro Cloth does sound interesting and I look forward to giving it a try.

  5. Great post Crystal. We want to hear the poem next time we are together...