Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nothing beats Norwex

Well, I have been meaning to tell you all about Norwex for quite sometime now...but have been dragging my feet (I guess I still feel a little silly about talking to people about it...I don't want to come across as too sales pitchy...As I am now a Norwex Independent Consultant--I know, that's crazy). Well, last night our previous Relief Society President called to invite me to a party she was throwing...for incredible, environmentally friendly cleaning supplies...ha ha, I had to laugh (I had finally set a date (next Thursday) to throw a party myself (and since we are in the same ward I would probably be inviting the same people)...ohh well, it works out good this way too since I have never actually been or seen how a party goes, and I am still nervous about what friends may think when I tell them about it...so it will be like training for me to go to this other party.

In the summer my sister-in-law phoned down to Cardston and said..."Hey, I am having this party for cleaning supplies...this stuff is amazing and it is environmentally friendly too...do you want anything". Well, being a little stingy, and not being particularly excited about cleaning supplies (or cleaning in general for that matter), but still wanting to support her party, I decided I would buy one window cloth (we have low windows and our closets are those out-dated full length mirrors that slide on tracks -- needless to say, little hands always manage to make them look disgusting). Well, when I got back to Calgary after being gone all summer long I decided to clean my house from top to bottom. When I got to my windows/mirrors task I was interested to try my new cloth but skeptical...This job was always such a pain and took too long for me as with windex and a cloth I would have to go over and over each mirror soo many times to try to get the streaks out and then would finally just tell myself it was "good enough". Well, to my amazement the window cloth worked incredibly, the windows came out streak-free after one go and the best part was I only used water...It worked soo good and was soo easy that I went a little crazy and spent the boys nap time taking my windows out and wiping down both sides...I had to take a picture so Jeremy would believe me (and let me buy more products--my sister-in-law raved about the mop).

(This picture would have been soo cute had my windows been clean)...I didn't think about taking Before/After pictures until I had already done the first set of windows so that is why I don't have a before of them...but I think you get the idea of how grungy my windows were.
AFTER PICTURES - I finally open my curtains again...I used to keep them closed so I didn't have to see my gross windows.
Well, then I was over visiting with my neighbor (she had thrown a norwex party last year that I couldn't attend because it was on Sunday) and I was telling her how much I loved the window cloth...we got talking about the products and Patrice informed me that the enviro-cloth took out stains in their carpets that even the steam cleaner couldn't get. I had to have that cloth -- I was always wining about our carpets to Jeremy (I wanted new carpets) as they looked disgusting...we have borrowed Tan/Johns steam cleaner to try to get our carpets clean (but it didn't work) and then the day before Oscar was born I insisted that we rent one (hoping that maybe a rug doctor would be able to get rid of the stains...no luck). Well, I ordered a cloth and one day while on the phone with Jeremy (he was working later at school, I decided to try it...and it was seriously like magic...so easy and totally got rid of the stains (I don't need new carpets anymore).
Well, yesterday while Oscar was napping, I decided to do the stairs going down to our rental suit (that section of carpet gets a lot of traffic --from the renter and us using the laundry room). The carpets are light and looked awful (we tried to steam clean them when we were doing our carpets upstairs but Jeremy thought it looked worse after because it worked in some places but didn't clean great in other places (leaving our carpets looking streaking and making the dirty spots look even more noticeable).
The best part was that Chaim was still awake and so I let him help me (since you just use water with these cloths (they are antibacterial microfibre cloths), I don't have to worry about the chemicals...it makes cleaning so much easier because I don't have to wait for nap times to do it).
Anyway, we didn't work on it long (I got a call from a friend needing a ride and then when I got home it was making supper, Jeremy getting home and I didn't get back to it...I want to go over a few spots again) but regardless of if I was done or not, it still looks 100% better.


(sorry, I took these pictures at 5:00 am so the lighting is a little different)
After doing two stairs I wanted to see what my cloth picked up (the cloth didn't look dirty but I decided to rinse it out in a tupperware container so I could see what it grabbed)...I saved it in a jar...yuck!!!
I don't think I will ever rent a Rug Doctor again...this is way better for your carpets and gets them cleaner.
Anyway, if you would like to know more about Norwex (how it works, the different products they have, and why you mostly clean with water), to order or to book a party, please feel free to contact me jandcpayne@shaw.ca
and now, the most exciting part of all...drum roll everyone.....
Tanis and Lorin who posted comments at the sane time on a previous post are the proud winners of an enviro-cloth...use it, love it, and then book a party or order more...if you want.
Things I love about Norwex:
1. I got rid of my cupboard full of chemicals (some fire stations will take them).
2. It is safer and healthier for my kids.
3. It cleans better.
4. It is cheaper (.water is cheap and I reuse my cloths over and over and over again).
5. I feel better about myself (with a degree in Environmental Conservation Science, I always felt like a hypocrit using regular cleaners, and yet couldn't afford the environmentally friendly cleaners they sell on the shelfs and when I did splurge I was never sold on how they worked).
6. Cleaning is way faster.
What other people have said about Norwex:
1. Chad said that it cleared up his acne (though maybe he was just making fun of me).
2. Cleaned Heather's fabric on her kitchen chairs.
3. Jeremy thinks the stuff is awesome.
4. My sister in law loves it and says the mop is awesome...Her cleaning lady also switched completely over to using Norwex...she said the window cloth alone cut her cleaning time n half).
Well, there you have it...Nothing beats Norwex. I am convinced that anyone who uses the product once will fall in love with it.

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  1. Nice Crystal. Those windows look AMAZING. Thanks by the way for not mentioning in your post just HOW all those stains in your carpet got there. (some of that-was oil paint too- so that cloth of yours must be good!)

    Can't wait to try it out.

    PS: What were you doing up at 5:00 am?