Saturday, November 1, 2008

DLP, ESP and the (capital) HG

Regarding the previous post...a question was asked which requires a little further explanation...
What is DLP? you may ask...
Well, quite simply put it is Dolphin-Like Perception and as I said earlier, not to be confused with ESP (Extrasensory perception--I just think that is me a skeptic).
My discovery of DLP was quite serendipitous and in a nutshell, is as follows....

While working at a camp for individuals with disabilities, I was placed in charge of one adult male with the inability to communicate in any way. Thus, I had no idea if what I would talk to him about was even being "heard/understood". Well, on one particular afternoon, we took the barge (big boat/ferry-like vessel that numerous campers and counselors could go on) out on the lake...there I was with this fellow, sitting next to him as I proceeded to sing along with the other campers/counselors for entertainment (he did not respond). As we got to the middle of the lake, we dropped the anchor (as we had done all summer long, every single day, to allow some of the more capable campers to fish). Well, as I was in the middle of another great fun awesome camp song, I stopped abruptly, turned to my non-communicating camper and said....

M: This one time while sailing around the coast of Vancouver, we dropped the anchor so we could swim in the ocean, and when we went to pull the anchor was caught on a crab trap...we had to work for so long to get ourselves uncaught.
Then I paused...looked back at my camper and said...
M: But I have no idea why I just told you that story.
and then continued with my singing.
It was silly why that story, on this particular day, after doing the same thing all summer long, every day had suddenly popped into my head, and how absurd it was for me to relate it to I am sure that even if he could understand what I was saying, he probably didn't care.
Well, after all the campers had had their turn fishing, the boat driver went to pull in the anchor so we could head back to camp...but it wouldn't come up...It was caught on something. He had to work and tug for quite a while until finally he was able to free us..."from some kind of trap" he had said. The fact that our anchor had actually gotten caught up only made the story I told my camper that much more bizarre. But I didn't put too much stock into it...I just started to pay attention to how many times things like that would happen...and actually it was quite a lot...none of it really mattered, it was always just a "silly coincidence".

Well, months later while back at school, I took a part-time job as a Therapist for a little boy who had autism. One evening I was reading one particular book (trying to figure out how I could better help Danny) and it talked about Dolphin therapy for people who have "special needs"...whether it be cancer or autism, or what have you, the dolphin's seemed to have a sense and would hone in and single out the individual (in a pool full of several people) that had the special need. It talked about echolocation, how dolphin's are able to send signals out and then receive them and form an image of what is in front of them before they even see it with their eyes...what if we could somehow do the same...if there was a part of our brains that we may not even know about that could somehow simulate what dolphins can do...and so began the development of the theory of DLP.

I will admit that all of this gets very tricky to sift through...I mean, there are "silly coincidences", "mother's intuition" (which personally I think is the same as the HG), and now "DLP", as well as "ESP" (if you believe in that kind of thing--"Extrasensory perception (ESP) is the apparent ability to acquire information by paranormal means independent of any known physical senses or deduction from previous experience." (definition taken from the Internet somewhere)...I guess I don't like the term because it insinuates some sort of "out of body" power, and yet does not call it the HG...therefore I stay away from such definitions).
So now I believe in silly coincidences, DLP, and of course the (capital) HG.

I have always known that the power of the HG is real, but I couldn't understand why he would care to tell me about certain things...They didn't seem to have much spiritual/physical relevance and seemed so trivial...and so that is why I think certain foresight falls under the DLP category...but a simple rule of thumb for me is always-- when in doubt, give the HG the credit...for even I know that what seems trivial at one moment, may one day be quite significant.

Well, there you have it...a long, and hopefully somewhat understandable explanation of what DLP is...

Even Jeremy thinks it is weird how I often know things before he even tells me...(though he also thinks it is weird that I think I have DLP as well, but that is besides the point).

Also, the formation of this theory began way before the book "the Secret" came out...I have not read it myself (I don't want it to mess with my current theory of DLP)...but I have to admit that the idea of sending thoughts out to the universe and have them come true is a great hope for the power of positive thinking...(I am skinny...I am skinny...I am skinny--If only)...

DISCLAIMER: Also, I will admit that sometimes it is easy to psych yourself out with all of this crazy stuff...You know, you have a thought creep into your mind that you immediately want to label as DLP...and often it is just an irrational, random thought...and is not and will not come true.

As such, to avoid making yourself too is best to never fully commit or buy into such notions of DLP/ESP or what have you, when those "silly coincidences" happen that you do not believe fall in the category of spiritual promptings...

Really, I mainly use my DLP abilites for entertainment know...when the phone rings I try to channel all of my DLP powers to see if I know who it is before I answer the phone...but now we have call display so now I just know.
Anyway, there you have it. I hope this helps.

P.S. I am skinny, I am skinny, I am skinny (just in case).


  1. I of course have learned about DLP from you before, but this was a very entertaining post nonetheless. You are so funny and a GREAT writer.

  2. Hi Crystal-
    I know what you are talking about here, a little bit. I've had some experience with this but I don't know what category mine would be in.
    For example: sometimes we'll get phone calls and Alan will answer and while he is talking (in another room) I will have a conversation that is crazy weird go on in my mind and then Alan will hang up and it turns out he just HAD that conversaton. And it's not something that could be guessed, but a wierd, not typical conversation.
    And sometimes it is more than that and not happy. Like I once saw someone on the way to school in junior high and i said out loud to my dad who was driving me "that guy is going to commit suicide" and then as all the buses arrived they had seen the guy and it had happened. That one i did not like and wonder why I knew that and how I could have intervened.
    It usually happens to me about bad things which is not nice.
    Anyways, I love your different designations and think that it is a very real and sometimes cool thing.
    And I LOVE your blog! Can I link to it?~!

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  5. Hey Sarah -
    Wow, it sounds like your Dolphin-Like Perception is way more advanced than mine...That is soo cool that you will have the same conversation in your mind as Alan is having on the phone.
    And that second story is so crazy and so sad - I don't even know what category that one would fall under..really, what could you have done? I don't think anything really.
    Well, at any rate, I am glad I know you...(any thoughts on where I will be in the next 3 years)...just kidding.
    And by all means link to my blog,I am so flattered. Can I add you to mine as well? (if I can ever figure out how to put more links on).
    P.S. Nursery was awesome yesterday