Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Very Dull Indeed

'Three things very dull indeed.' That will just do for me, you know. I shall be sure to say three dull things as soon as ever I open my mouth, shan't I? . . . Do not you all think I shall?" Volume 3 Chapter 7, Miss Bates, EMMA, Jane Austen.

(I will have a hard time limiting it to "just three")
Well I have been tagged...7 interesting facts about me...
1. I love hardware stores...I stroll the isles of Home Depot to "window shop".
2. I have an obsession with fabric and paint that I find parallels the chicken or the egg debate.
3. I have DLP (not to be confused with ESP).

4. I used to dream of traveling but now hate leaving my home...I guess all of my dad's hard work has paid off...(he used to cut out newspaper articles of unfortunate traveling incidents and send them to me while I was in college, hoping to deter my wanderlust).
5. I have a pink door. I liked my door soo much I painted my kitchen cupboards pink (Jeremy was gone for a week and I "forgot" to ask him if it was okay...I should have asked him. (I don't like it as much as my door... not at all actually)).
(me trying to be like first self portrait).

6. I thought I was friends with the wind and could talk to him for 8 years of my life all because of a very vivid dream I had at the age of 5...I don't dream much anymore (probably a good thing).
7. I am now a Norwex Independent Consultant. I will inform all of you of the marvelous, magical, dare I say miraculous powers of Norwex shortly.

I invite anyone who reads this blog to participate in this tag if they so desire.


  1. Mr. JOOONNNNNESS! Ok I think I am the only one who will understand that with you. Hurray for inside jokes and for laughing at ya little sis!

    PS: As I write this, I am also talking to you on the phone. Sorry if I sound like I am not listening.

  2. PS: You are not dull either. I could have thought of atleast 7 MORE interesting things about you.

  3. You've got a DLP? Lucky! I'm still watching a CRT. My computer monitor is LCD at least. Someday I hope to upgrade my TV to Plasma.

    Sorry Crystal, I'm not familiar with DLP other than it's being a type of high end video display (digital light processing).