Monday, November 3, 2008

Tagged Again...

8 TV shows we love to watch-
Well, we don't have TV so this list is short:
1. Til debt do us part.
2. And when we did have TV I loved to watch anything on HGTV.
3. Ohh yeah, and LOST.
4. Chaim likes Superwhy, word world, and Blues Clues (that is his favorite), and the Backyardagains.
5. JGP likes those scary shows like Prison Break and Heros.
6. And both Jeremy and Chaim like to watch Jimmy Neutron together.

8 things that happened yesterday-
1. Chaim was good in sacrament meeting (but not as good as last week...probably b/c of daylight savings time)...the Stake President popped in halfway through the meeting and sat behind us (eek...the pressure)..and when the meeting was over he tapped us on the shoulder and said "You two are masterful with your children...well done". ha ha...does he have his "lions crossed" (movie trivia????)
2. Nursery was awesome. Chaim was able to stay the whole time. (someone emailed us a couple of essays on "how to civilize our child at church" and I think it is working).
3. Went to Chad and Heather's for to see Jewel and Kendall and all the little cousins (Chaim had a great time).
4. Checked my old email old friend that I haven't talked to in forever sent a forward of this movie... and I thought about my Grandma (she liked this poem and had my sister Jewel do her "Dash" at her funeral).
5. I also got an email from Dale...I get one every year on my birthday, and then every now and then when he has a moral dilemma or just wants to say hi...I never respond to me "old fashioned" but now that I am married I don't think I should on my personal email account (and I don't think I want to give out our family one either--next thing I know all our kids will be on his LIST), but I always like hearing what he is up to...what a character... for example, the time he emailed me to ask what he should do because someone he met only once or twice before had invited him to the delivery of her child...he thought it would make a good story but wasn't sure if he should do it (I never responded...I wonder if he went)...
Well, the email he sent yesterday was titled "Crystal: 5 years ago today" and he said
"Five years ago today is when I first wrote you onto my birthday list. It was at a CES Broadcast at the Calgary Stake Center on November 2, 2003.
Do you remember that?"

And yes Dale, I do remember that.
For some reason it all makes me smile...He is crazy...and the craziest part about it is that I think he knows it and gets a kick out of it.
6. Daylight savings.
7. I made squash soup and Jeremy helped (BHE).
8. Phoned some family (the inlawy type) that we haven't spoken to for a while.

8 favourite places to eat
Well, we don't get out much so...
1. Jewel's place.
2. Heather's place.
3. Tan's place.
4. Bua Thai (but it is in Edmonton and Heather cooks my favorite dishes just as yummy and her prices are way better) so I guess Heather's place again instead of Bua Thai.

8 things I'm looking forward to-
1. Christmas.
2. My student loan to be paid off (hopefully by the end of the year).
3. For my kids to wake up again cuz they are soo cute and I miss them already.
4. When JTB is done his Master's (he is working on it right I am feeling a little bored)5. 5.To wear a pair of jeans again.

8 things on my wish list-
1. A new kitchen...I love this style

2.Some more bathroom renos (Renovations are a love/hate relationship with me... but I think I am addicted now).
3. Healthy family.
4. Happy, satisfied kids.
5. A Norwex mop.
6. Finish painting Chaim's room.

Well, that is the best I can do...I am new at this Tag thing so whoever would like to be tagged, your wish is granted.

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  1. cute post cryst, but that SHELF down below is AWESOME! Your house must be looking so GOOD!!! Love ya!