Monday, December 8, 2008


Check out my friend Liam's blog. is having a NORWEX giveaway...whoever wins will be one lucky duck.
But even if you don't win, from now until January, 40% of all of my sales will go to the Nie Nie Recovery now you can shop shop shop and feel all good about it to.
Merry Christmas.


  1. Crystal - thanks for the giveaway head's up. If I win the mitt I would have one for each of my girls once I get my order in to you! I'll let you know ASAP what I want. How long does it take to get to you? I am going through Calgary on the 23rd.

  2. wow- that is amazing you are going to do that. do you have a catalogue (or maybe i'll google a website). that gave me the incentive to get my order together finally!

    are you guys feeling better? i think my girls are just playing tag with colds/flu so far this month. i want them to get healthy enough for flu shots! LOL!

  3. Shauna - Good luck...I hope you win it. The orders usually take 3-5 days (at christmas though it has been taking 6 days lately) but I can always ship it directly to you.

    Sarah - Hey...I feel like I haven't seen you for forever...We missed you at the Christmas party.
    Feel free to check out that Norwex Products blog I posted about recently (it has pics and prices for most items) but I have a ton of catalogues if you would like one.
    Take care...and good luck with staying healthy...I am thinking about putting ourselves under quarantine for the next little while...I keep thinking I should take Chaim out to sip n' safari or a fun place like that but then I just think of all the germs that are going to be lurking there and end up canceling my plans. Even grocery shopping gives me anxiety these days...and church...why can't we just have satelite broadcasts during cold and flu season?