Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Owls - Part 1

If this new blog template looks familiar, you may have seen some owly form of it on Sarah's blog. But though I am constantly mimicking her owly ways, I would just like to say that in some odd DLPish way, I have always loved owls...it is almost like I knew they would become the next craze.
At any rate, though my project is not complete...here is yet another form of sarah coppery that I have participated in....
She had this vinyl wall art in her living room (luckily I am also one of her VT'ers so I know I will at least get over to her house once a month to find new fodder for my followerish flame)...
I loved the decal and wanted one of my own...
but alas, I settled for this creation for Chaim's room...
Well, it is not done yet...I have been doing it here and there for the past 4 months it seems...I also have plans for birdy naturesque quilted appliques behind frames...we will see if I can get it to work. Anyway, I will show pics once it is all done (if it ever gets finished), but for now...Sarah, thanks for all the great ideas...They say immitation is the sincerest flattery.


  1. Crystal! It looks so cute!! Great job. I want to see it in real life one day. And you're right Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Hmmm...you never seem to imitate anything I do?...

  2. Wow, it looks to me like your friend Sarah lives in a magazine.

  3. i'm not going to be able to leave my house with the big head you are giving me, Crystal! Thanks!
    oh, and that picture is not my living room- my house is so very far from magazine and closer to a nut house!
    (love your blog template,btw!)

  4. and want to know something funny?! i have the big owl on the branch in my "office"!