Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crystal's Days

was the title of the email I just read from Dale. Inside I discovered this...

"Happy 10,000 days old (on Feb 17)!

What's new?"

I am not one for Birthdays...I usually try to keep it a secret, but this I thought was really quite something...Here I was thinking that it was just an ordinary, ho hum sort of day, but in reality...today I am 10,000 days old.
Thank you dale for letting me know what a special day it is for me today. Perhaps I should suggest to JGP that we go out for dinner...or at the very least a tub of chunky monkey to celebrate.
Happy day to me indeed.
Here's to another 10,000 more,


  1. what the freak is chunky monkey? enlighten me

  2. That is so funny. So how many days old am I then? I'll be doing the math tonight. Happy 10,000th!

  3. Liam - one of Ben n Jerry's ice cream flavors...THE ice cream flavor in my opinion---I would take that over marble slab any day.
    On a side note, I heard that B n J's ice cream is one of the most fattening ice creams ever...that somehow they manage to get it even fattier than would otherwise be humanly possibly by some top secret, highly scientific means...(maybe the person that told me that was just trying to scare me)...Chunky Monkey is worth every wonderful calorie.

  4. Hey Crystal!! You have a great blog, and happy 10,000!!

  5. That is quite the milestone isn't it. I think everyone should have some kind of celebration on each multiple of 10,000 days. It's much more epic than just another twenty something birthday.

    I at least hope you got some Chunky Monkey out of the whole deal!