Friday, March 6, 2009

Are You Bloomin' Kidding Me?!?

1. I am tired. It is late and I should have been in bed long ago.
2. The house is a mess.
3. I didn't do a thing tonight.
4. Jeremy has his masters this weekend = I signed out a 'girly movie' from the library (i.e. no Jeremy) = once kids were in bed I put in said 'girly movie' and proceeded to be lazy (i.e. ignore the mess)--> no cleaning.
5. Said movie = My Fair Lady.
6. I had already seen it...but not quite seen it. It was one of many movies "watched" with my high school friends...though I usually wouldn't "watch"...instead I would be hanging out with my friends mom sewing dresses, skirts, and a quilt while the movie played in the background (i.e. while my friends hung out together in the background). Though in my defence it was quite easy to appear as though I could do both at the same time (i.e. laugh when they laughed, gasp when they gasped, catch a few lines here and there and quote them every now and then..."I'm a good girl I am!", "Just you wait enry iggins!").
7. Note to self:
a)write a thankyou letter to sister stockdale (i.e. nice quilt, skirt, and dress = many hours)...that was really nice of her.
b) write a quasi-apology letter to friends...I was such a dweeb
i.If I had watched the bloomin' movie in the first place I could have had a clean house tonight! (i.e. Hindsight... as they say).
8. I stayed up late-->ignored JTB when he got home-->ignored said mess = All for "Where the devil are my slippers?"!!!! Are you bloomin' kidding me?!? No remorse, no change of heart, no refrain, no kiss,no embrace, no tenderness... nothing.... I could just scream with how ridiculous the ending was. Am I missing something? = 'Enry 'Iggins is a "BLOOMIN' ARCE"!! -->(they use those words together in the movie (i.e. doesn't really count as swearing).
9. Note to self: Don't re-"watch" Gone with the Wind (another said "movie" night with high school a quilt instead!!!).
i. See if sister Stockdale is available next masters night.
10. Find out what "i.e." means and how to use it properly.
Good Night!


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  2. Good for you for letting your house stay messy and watching a movie. That takes a special effort so give yourself some credit! Thank you so much for feeing our company tonight. I owe ya a few dinners for that one. And thanks for the temple cookies-what a great idea!

  3. I don't think I've ever seen this Crystal! Loved your comments though! You are hallarious!

  4. I think I'll watch it now. Too bad you were dissapointed with it!

  5. Crystal I have really been enjoying your posts. I'm sorry that we have been such slackers lately.

    It was great to see you and the boys today.


  6. k love this post!!!!!