Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kyaraben or charaben

"Kyaraben or charaben (キャラ弁 ?), a shortened form of character bento (キャラクター弁当 ,kyarakutā bentō?), is a style of elaborately arranged bento which features food decorated to look like people, characters from popular media, animals, and plants.[1] Japanese homemakers often spend considerable time devising their children's meals[citation needed] including their boxed lunches.

Originally, a decorated bento was intended to arouse interest from children in their food and to encourage a wider range of eating habits. It has now evolved to the point where national contests are held,[2] from which kyaraben artists can gain fame and become invited seminar speakers and authors on the subject.[citation needed]
" (wikipedia)

Chaim has been a picky eater since birth...add that to his periodic food strikes and his frequent vomitting and well, I get pretty desperate sometimes.

Lately this has helped...He has eaten 2 eggs each long as they are
"Eve(a) eggs" has been our standby breakfast all week...I think there might be somthing to this Kyaraben bad my wall-e didn't impress him much...I guess I wont be entering any contests anytime soon.


  1. I love it Crystal. What ever works hey? I'd eat your Wall-e! You are such a good mom!

  2. Crystal, that is so awesome. I have sometimes made pancakes into shapes, but rarely as it takes so long. I love both of your creations, but Eve(a) really is amazing! Way to go!

    - H

  3. I agree you are SUCH a good mom! But if you ever post a picture of a hard boiled egg again...blah!

    Just kidding.

    I LOVE the creations. It looks like you had fun too:)

  4. Crystal, at first glance I was a bit shocked to see those foreign characters in your post and wondered when and how you had learned Japanese. I was quite relieved to see that you had borrowed that portion of your post from Wikipedia.

    Bento lunches were one of my favourite things about living in Japan. There is such a variety of delicious foods packed into neatly compartmentalized lunch boxes. I never had the pleasure of eating a kyaraben though, for a variety of obvious reasons.

    Your Eve egg is of course instantly recognizable. Her form and elegance, just as in the movie, tend to draw attention away from the only slightly less fabulous WALL-E. Don`t let anyone tell you that he seems just a little cheesy though. He is a fine creation as well!

  5. Crystal, that is so good. Seriously, I love it! Jesse's a HUGE Wall-E fan and a picky eater, he will so go for this.