Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hippo Eat

We have been going to the zoo a lot lately...and Chaim's new favorite animal (besides snakes and dinosaurs) are the hippos. It is great that no matter how many times we go, he never seems to get tired of it. Throughout his days he will remind everyone that he runs into how awesome the hippo's are...out of the blue he will say..."hippo eat"...I have to admit, this caught me off guard one morning while I was eating my breakfast...Oscar is as adorable and easy going as always...I can't believe he is almost one year old. This year has gone by way too fast.


  1. Oh Crys that looks like such fun. The last time we went to the zoo there was a little baby hippo. We miss it there!

  2. Oh I wish we could tag along with you guys on your trips to the zoo. We've got to get up there this summer!!!! (cute always!!). PS. Dane and Oscar have the same shirt... now we really have to get them together and go to the zoo all "same same".