Thursday, April 9, 2009

Little Games

It is a well known fact that Chaim likes Jeremy more than me...Often I will say..."I love you Chaim"...and he will follow it up with a very emphatic "I love you--Daddy", pointing in his daddy's general direction. Jeremy eats this kind of stuff up...He revels in the fact that he is the favored parent, only coming second place once when we brought Ella into our little game...
Jeremy: "Chaim, who do you love more...Daddy or mommy?"
Chaim: "Daddy"
Me: "Chaim, who do you love more, daddy or Ella?"
Chaim: "Ella"

Well, tonight I was putting Oscar to bed while Jeremy was reading stories and doing the whole bedtime routine with Chaim. Just as Oscar fell asleep, Jeremy had finished the routine with Chaim...feeling like I had missed out on some of this precious Chaim-time, I opened Chaim's door, tip toed in and flopped on his bed to cuddle up with him...
Chaim: "go mommy"(pointing to the door).
Me: "Can I just sing you some songs?"
Chaim: "Mommy, Go!".
Me: "Okay, goodnight, I love you".

I return to the next room.

Jeremy (smug smile on face): "Did he just tell you to go?" (obviously enjoying it a little too much).
Me: Yes (as I roll my eyes)...Jeremy, he would do the same to you...he is tired and just wants to go to bed.
Jeremy: Ohh yeah, you wanna make a bet?
Me: Go for it.

Jeremy, tip toes in, flops on Chaim's bed...and cuddles up to him...

Chaim: "Go daddy!""
Jeremy: Can I just sing you some songs?"
Chaim: "Daddy Go" (pointing to the open door).

Me: (smug smile on face, obviously enjoying it a little too much).


  1. That is so cute! How does he feel about Abby? You and Jeremy are both bound to lose. youre the parents!

  2. This is awesome Crystal! I can just see you loving it a little too much!!! I do the same thing! I'd like to see the head board on your you take something to it to "chalk up another point for you" like we used to when we were little? Oh those were the days. If only I had that headboard still. Although, on second thought, I'd hate to actually see proof of how many times we teased poor Tanis till she lost!