Sunday, February 13, 2011

Walden Charles

Boy names are soo hard for me to come up with. With Chaim and Oscar we went to the hospital with only one name we could agree on. It made it sort of easy that way. With Walden, we weren't really crazy about any names. I liked the name Walden, but as I had considered it for my previous boys I did not like it for either of them...for some reason with boy #3 I gave it a little more consideration...perhaps out of desperation...however most people we discussed it with were not huge fans...We stayed in the hospital for a few days after the delivery waiting for Walden's Glucose levels to stabilize...I borrowed a baby names book from the hospital Nursery and spent my late hour feedings pouring over the pages...Feeling a little sheepish every time someone would ask his name...Finally, by Day 2 we decided Walden it would be. (I read Walden in university and fell in love with Henry David Thoureu).

Having the last name that we do doesn't make it easy either. I liked the name Asher but then we would always be A-sure-pain. I liked the name Oliver but then we would likely be asked about his All-over-pain. Again Justin is Just-in-pain (although I don't think I would use that name anyways) but you get my point...Anyways, Walden is perfect.

He is such an adorable perfect baby and I feel soo lucky. Well, the boys are out of the tub I will write more later.


  1. Crystal,

    We love the name. I think it is original, masculine, and unique enough to fit in with the other boys.

    When I heard what you named him, I had the same thought I had when I heard Dane's name,
    "dang, we should have thought of that."

    - C

  2. I LOVE the name Walden!!! He is soo cute too!

  3. Love him and his name!!! You are so lucky to have 3 boys!(and they are lucky to have you!)