Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Cup Runneth Over

My dad got me my first Record Player when I was in my second year of university. He passed his old vinyl records on to me and I developed a real love for the crackle and smell of listening to those records. I had many favorites from that collection but on one particular Jim Nabors record of his was a song titled "My Cup Runneth Over"...I listened/danced/sang along to that record over and over again. I loved his version of that song the most because he really belted out the LOOOOVVVVE part of the song in a way that made me want to laugh and over-exaggerate that word. Anyway, I imagined that I would sing it to my someday husband and eventually to my kids. That initial record player my dad got me was eventually upgraded to an all-in-one radio/8-track/record player antique unit that was a beautiful piece of furniture (for the 70's). It came with me when I got married and sat in the corner of the living room, eventually being moved to the basement and was eventually moved to Value Village (along with my/dad's collection of records...for shame!). Well after a few years of marriage, a lost Green Corduroy coat, a few extra pounds, an increase in home-makery duties, and a decrease in environmental interests and responsiveness, and I was beginning to wonder who I was anymore... and my decluttered records became the hill to die on. I immediately started my search for my 3rd record player, as though having one would restore some sense of self again. I tracked one down and $50 dollars later had a record player, no records and and no "old crystal"...Eventually Jeremy tracked down an old Jim Nabors record and I listened to "My Cup Runneth Over" again and again. My new record player eventually moved from room to room and then down to the crawl space...and eventually to this new house in the basement where it has been tucked away for some time.

Lately the melody and lyrics have been running through my mind incessantly...not out of some longing for the old me or mid-life crisis induced, but out of a truly true feeling for the lyrics...My cup runneth over with love! I have been feeling utterly and ridiculously blessed. I am finding a real joy in being a mom to these perfect boys. I don't know if it is because having a baby again in our home--one as good and perfect as Walden, not being pregnant anymore, and having Chaim and Oscar at the best ages ever, and having the time to enjoy it all is the cause of my excessive happiness, but whatever it is it makes me absolutely giddy sometimes, and though there are still times (daily) that I can't wait for bedtime and I feel as though the kids are going to drive me crazy if Jeremy doesn't come home to rescue me soon, I am feeling more "me" than ever...And though I don't always recycle perfectly, and we use too much water in our home, and I don't have a green corduroy coat or the waistline to fit in it (even though the coat didn't have a waistline either) even if I did, or I don't know half the bird calls that I am hearing around our yard these days, or what is happening in the Great Bear Rainforest, and I read less and watch more TV, and my mind sometimes feels like mush and conversing with grownups is awkward and difficult (okay, that is how I have always been), there isn't a place in my life I would rather be right now. My cup runneth over!

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  1. Crystal this is such a sweet post! I remember your record player, and I actually think we may like the same music now. ;) I'm gonna look for that song on Itunes!