Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just a Small Town Girl

Can I just say that I love love small towns. It is absolutely beautiful in the country in the springtime here. Jeremy mowed the lawn tonight as the owls looked on, birds and chorus frogs chirping all around. Our own little piece of heaven. We both feel pretty lucky to live in this magical place right now.

Yesterday we drove to a nearby town for a meeting. Afterwards for FHE we decided to check out another enchanting ity bity town/hamlet on the way home. We had heard rave reviews on their municipal park...and Oscar has been eager to break in his Biderman pishingrod. It was the perfect evening.
Oscar couldn't resist the water and kept trying to wade into it. By the end both boys were wet. We took off their wet clothes before they got in the van and on the way out of the park realized that the ice cream parlar was still open...How could we resist?...We did have to improvise though but it was well worth it.

P.S. How do you guys do your picture collagey things...This is a mess!!!


  1. You have such a charming life. Which by the way- I plan to experience for a whole week come July! (Consider yourself warned!!!)

    I love their choice of attire for the ice cream shop. A lot of kids could pull off a towel wrap the way chaim can.

    And oscar- with a lure as snazzy as that red fish I'm surprised you weren't able to catch anything.

  2. ... ♫♫ livin' in a lonely world,
    she took the midnight train to anywh... oh, sorry, this is so embarassing, I thought we were all singing that Journey song. Oops!

    I think you're making us all jealous of your country estate living Crystal. It sounds wonderful, maybe someday.

  3. Love it Crystal! Your boys are awesome and you are very clever with improvising!