Sunday, June 5, 2011

City Slickers

This weekend we took a quick trip to the City. It was a spur of the moment fast last minute decision. I have been thinking that what our family needs on this beautiful acreage is a pet. So after a bit of research I found two lovely dogs that were "trained" and up for adoption. One was in Cow Town and the other was in Red Deer. So we raced into the city after Jeremy was done work to meet dog #1. It was a beautiful dog, however our introduction didn't go so smoothly as I yanked my kids away from it within seconds of meeting it...I guess the way it greets people is by growling and barking...I am sure we could have warmed up to it but the growling made me a little too nervous.
We had the pleasure of staying at CHEMTD's overnight. Heather as always did not disappoint with her AMAZING culinary skills. Lets just say I have never had Nachos like that ever...BUT her HOMEMADE FRESH SALSA was the best part of all of it. In the morning she made an incredible Peach French Toast upside down thing, eggs and sausage...WOWWY, we were sure spoiled.(Unfortuneately I am the only sibling that does not have my camera with me at all times so I have no pictures of these delicious dishes to show off). Nonetheless, THANK YOU CHEMTDs...and thanks for all of your help Chad with cameras and work stuff.
After breakfast we decided to whip up to Red Deer to see Dog #2. She was a delight and we spent much more time with her, we even took her for a little walk...Unfortuneately, Chaim and Oscar were more interested in the Cats, Bunny, and Ferret that lived there than the dog. So, we are not sure if we are ready for a dog yet...Still deciding if we really are dog people.
While we decide though we did end up getting a pet for a while...A lovely orphaned Calf the boys have named Lady. She is a doll.

We will be bottle-feeding her at least three times a day for a while. I just got back from a walk with her. Just call me billy-Crystal.


  1. You just got back from a walk...with your cow? Is this really your life?



  2. Lady does kind of look like Norman, except for the color of course.