Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rose-Coloured Glasses

As awesome as it is to watch these little ones grow up right in front of our eyes...

Or to get to have an adorable little cow like this as a pet...
Perhaps I am guilty of painting too perfect of a picture...I became aware of this while talking on the phone to Tan and mentioning my little mouse problem.
*We have been having a little mouse problem within our vehicular device (van). It is awful and disgusting and I have no idea how they are getting in or how to get rid of them. Last night we caught mouse #2 (how many more are there???)...Lets just say the mouse poops I found yesterday were little baby ones...
*The other day it rained and rained...Our country roads were a monster mud bog...Taking Chaim to school was a slip and slide and I white knuckled it the whole way...Jeremy brought him home at the end of the day and the car was covered in mud...litterally the only window that you could see in or out of was the windshield the rest was iced in thick country mud...(I have to admit, on that particular day I thought about how lovely paved city roads are)...We can wash our cars and 2 days later they need it again.
* Having a pet cow is really great and all...but I am discovering it is a little like those "give a pig a pancake" books...If you give a Crystal and cow, she is going to ask for a...and litteraly, it goes on and on.
Tongiht I woke up and raced to the side door to check our cow...she is doing fine, but now I am wide awake. Lady has been sleeping under our front porch at night (I have been nervous about the Coyotes getting her)...I know that this habbit is not natural cow behavior and that it could become problematic in the future as she gets bigger. So tonight I kicked her out...she had a tough time with it at first (our cow thinks she is a dog), straining to get back to the house...It is time to fix up our fences and move her away from the home. Also, now that we have a calf I am wishing we had a dog or a donkey, or a llamma (a childhood dream of mine),anything to keep the coyotes away. And so it goes...If you give a Crystal a Cow, she is going to ask for a (Mini Jersey Milk Cow...totally awesome and she could keep lady company and we would never have to buy milk again)! If you get another cow, she is going to fix the fence, if you fix the fence she will ask for a llama, if you get a llama she is going to need a dog, if you get a dog she will need a cat...and on and on it goes. I am getting tired just thinking about it all. Anyways, good night.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's mind wanders at 2:30 in the morning. (Only I have to admit-it's not the thought of a llama that keeps me up;)

  2. That is so awesome Crystal! You really are living our dream. Your pictures are awesome and Lady looks delicious... I mean cute.

    - C