Wednesday, March 12, 2014

FUN at the SITE

We worked hard, the boys played hard and we always came home at the end of the day tired and very FILTHY!!!! Our beds often were filled with dirt in the morning, it seemed in those weeks that we could never free ourselves of the endless dirt and mess of the site…it followed us everywhere. Another MIRACLE from that summer was that we had NO visits to the hospital for any of us…and even though we were working long days on a construction site, and the boys were running amuck on the site while we were busy working, each morning and evening we prayed for protection and safety and I feel so blessed that our prayers were answered. (Also grateful our neighbours never called family services because 3 young boys were running around a construction site all summer long)…Also grateful that the weather was so great all summer long. I don't think we missed one day of work due to weather. Little miracles happened throughout the summer.

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