Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I will forever WEEP when I remember our Weeping tile and our Blueskin...

The weeping tile is the black coil…I never actually took any pictures of this process…Hopefully it will one day all be blotted from my memory. It was a minorly frustrating task that turned into a major frustration for me. You lay weeping tile around the foundation of your entire house to help with drainage. It comes in one complete coil and if you don't roll it out right it can be a real mess…Luckily Jeremy devised a system and though a struggle, we got the weeping tile rolled out and laid along the trench next to our foundation. We went a step further and wrapped the entire length of our weeping tile in landscaping cloth to make sure even less dirt and rocks could get in and plug it up. All of this took time…a lot of time…and these little tasks never seemed as satisfying as they seemed so menial and progress seemed so slow. finally it was laid and in place. However, after the concrete pour, sections of the landscaping cloth had to be cut off and replaced as the concrete splatter had gotten on it, which would have inhibited better drainage. Then washed rock needed to be piled on top of the weeping tile, sloping to the foundation to aid in drainage. We used a bobcat to do much of the rock placement, still having to be careful to get the blueskin in place and held down by the rocks. Having to hand bomb wheel-barrows full of rock in other sections. Once we finally finished this task we ended up having to redo most of it… Our whole passivhaus plan required that we achieve ridiculously high R values in the floor, walls and ceiling. To do this we had investigated a few options, and had planned to do a 2x4 interior wall inside of the ICF wall to add extra insulation. After talking to an ICF passivehaus designer in ireland on the phone, he convinced us that we should just wrap the entire home in an extra 4 inches of styrofoam sheets and that would get us our R-values, without worrying about the interior 2x4 insulated wall around the entire house. So, after having the blueskin, rock and weeping tile all in place, we had to now squeeze 4 extra inches of styrofoam (EPS) sheets down to the foundation inside of the blueskin…this took a ton of extra time and hassle, meant replacing the weeping tile, rock and blueskin, and it is an understatement when I say that it was seriously a happy day when that job was finally finished. I think for the rest of my days (though typically simple jobs…these tasks were made much more complicated by our last minute changes in design and plans), I will forever despise blueskin and weeping tile. Probably my least favourite tasks so far on the house. So frustrating. At times I felt the statement of "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again", ring true as we did and redid these simple little jobs to get it just right.

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