Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Putting on the mainfloor floor

Now that we had the foundation poured we spent a few days putting the ledger board around the entire inside of the top of the Basement walls so that we would be able to install the floor for the next level. Like most things, this took Jeremy and I quite some time. Jeremy did the hard job up on a ladder screwing through concrete etc. My job was to line up the boards and notch out the outline for the sill plates…(I think that is what they were called). D. again had agreed to give us a day to put the floor on. When he arrived to install the floor trusses and floor system, we still had a few ledger boards to complete. His method was much quicker and effective…simply smash the ledger board against the sill plate and it eventually makes a dent in the board that fits perfectly. Looking back we could have been our own "Survivor Cagayan: Brains vs. Beauty vs. Braun team". D. definitely was the braun, Jeremy the Brains, and being the only lady on the crew, I guess I get to default as the Beauty. At any rate, things always moved much swifter when D. was on site. True to his word…the floor system, with much of the framing for the basement as the walls in the basement helped support the floor system, was all completed in a day. Now that the floor was in place, Jeremy and I could continue going up with the ICF…

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