Monday, August 4, 2014

Geesh, sorry about all the negativity---Some positives….

We did hire a father/son team for the month of December to help us get our ceiling ready for all the insulation we were going to be putting in there. They were wonderful…a little slow,and a little pricey (we paid them and paid for their accommodations while they worked in our area) but they were thorough and totally nice and honest and I was happy when they asked us to talk to our other trade worker who was working that month about his language as they did not feel comfortable with inappropriate language while at work. I appreciated that. They were Seventh Day Adventists and were happy for the work and were happy to work over the Christmas holidays. In January the son went back to school and we were still waiting on our trades before we could seal up the walls with drywall. They were pleasant to work with and great to get to know. They also got us ready for putting in all the insulation in our ceiling. We did R70 in the ceiling which was a tonne of blow-in insulation. By late January/early February, with the ceiling insulated…we were ready to turn on at least half of our Geothermal system. As mentioned earlier we did a hybrid forced air/radiant heat Geothermal system and the radiant heating downstairs was able to be turned on. Finally we were able to get heat in our home…was it going to work?????? It did. Just having the Geothermal radiant heat in the basement on was able to keep the house at a consistent 21 degrees C. Only half our system was running and our house was staying fairly stable and comfortable…or a least more so than it had been. This put us ahead and Jeremy started to be able to plunk away on tiling the bathroom floor and starting to build some of the bathroom vanities. It was starting to feel like there was progress again. Finally by February we were ready to have our drywallers come in. It finally started to feel like progress again.

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