Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Decision, Decisions, Decisions

Designing/Decorating or picking all the colours and details for the home is one area where I think a lot of people have a real talent for…I not so much. Truthfully, after awhile, all the decisions seem a bit overwhelming for me. Originally our plan was to just try to copy the house of our friends that we were patterning our house from…we made some changes to make it more energy efficient (which sadly probably took away from the aesthetics of the house), but we thought if we just did what they did it would probably still end up looking alright….. here is a pic of their lovely house…it is perfect!!! However, when we ordered our soffit material we did not have a picture of their place and went by memory…(it was white right?????). We ordered and started installing our soffits and then decided to do another drive by of our favourite house…Nope not white at all (oops!!)….Yikes now what were we going to do…I panicked a little and then decided to find something that hopefully would work with the soffit material we had started with. Probably would have helped to have someone professional help pick out some of the colours and material choices but hopefully it will all come together alright in the end.

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