Wednesday, August 6, 2014

"Uhhh Uninhabitable!!!"

Well, as soon as spring hit, we started discussing when we would be able to move into our house. As mentioned earlier, being the cheap people that we are, the thought of saving the $800/month for rent/, was definitely appealing. Originally we had hoped that by May long weekend we could move into our house…but that was just not going to be possible. By June, we moved into our house, though it still had no flooring, lighting, cupboards/countertops…etc, etc. We had two of our toilets hooked up the day of our move and our very kind and selfless brother-in-law was painting our doors and ceilings the same day we moved into our house. For the first two weeks we set up our tent-trailer in the garage and lived in there. I guess technically, we should not be allowed to even be living in our house yet…but quite truthfully, we couldn't really handle our rental house anymore. Plus, we never saw Jeremy as he was spending all of his time at the house. It was decided, that although our living conditions would not be ideal over at our new house, it still was probably going to be better for our family than continuing to rent where we were. So this is the state of our house when we moved in more or less. We were surrounded by drywall dust, tools, and the mess of being in the middle of a construction zone. One Sunday evening I went to a stake fireside for Quest that was coming up. I ran into one of the leaders from another ward that we had met last year at camp (when we had just barely started to build our house)…She asked if we had moved into our house yet…I said, yes, we just moved in this past weekend…but it isn't quite done yet…I struggled finding the words to explain where our house was at in the process…so I turned to my friend/the yw president in our ward and said "how would you describe our house"… "UHHHH, Uninhabitable!!!!" was her response. Yep, that does pretty much sum it up. Never a dull moment that is for sure. I just hope we all keep our sanity by the end of this.

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