Wednesday, August 6, 2014

If you Build it they will come

Well, for over two years our family of 5 + dog lived in a one bedroom "barn house". This was the living room/kitchen (not even enough room for our table and so we have been using a coffee table to eat our meals for the past few years). Living in such a small space --we had to get creative…There was a mattress on the floor in the closet that Walden or Chaim would alternate sleeping on, and we divided the one bedroom with a curtain to try to make it into two. I will say it was manageable--ish…definitely by the end we were all going a little squirrally in our cramped little quarters with three wild boys that literally (at least for a while) were raised in a barn. In the midst of all this Mayhem of building and living this way, we also decided that since Walden was getting older we might as well have our fourth right away before there is too big of a gap… A difficult decision at first with the mountain of work ahead of us still with the house-- I explained and re-explained to Jeremy that if I am pregnant I will be no help to him at all. I basically become useless for 9 months when I am pregnant. I spelled out to him that I would no longer be doing the trips to the dump, or this, or that or this or that…basically, he would not be able to count on my help much at all until sometime after the baby was born. I know some women handle pregnancy much better than me, but I become a total pansy who can barely cook a meal half the time. Still, with all this laid out we decided to grow our family. By late January I was at the site going over the electrical for the boys room with our Electrician. I explained I wanted a main centre light, a light in the closet and then showed him a picture of the built-in-bunkbed wall that we were going to do. 4 built in bunk beds each with it's own reading light….sort of something like this….(The plan is to keep all the mess in one room…plus I think it will be super cool and fun) He didn't seem to get the concept and said in a sarcastic tone…"But you only have 3 kids"…. So besides family, and being barely pregnant, our electrician was one of the first to know we were expecting our fourth. At this point we were not sure if it would be a boy or girl. Knowing that a girl would eventually need her own room and may not even use the fourth bunk, we forged ahead with our plan for the boys room…(me--secretly hoping for a boy--if we build it "he" will come) And that seems to be the case as in 3 weeks (okay, I am being optimistic…5 weeks, we will welcome our 4th boy to our family)…I just hope we have a kitchen sink before baby comes:) Anyway, this is one of my favourite rooms in the house and I can't wait until it is finished.

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