Monday, September 10, 2007

Arrr! The Blogin' Pirate

Me blogg be Commandeered. Perhaps ye thougt it were marooned and right for the takin...Arrr. Ye won't get away with this Mate! Ye hornswaggled yer way onto me blogg--Aye, serves me right for bein' such a blogin landlubber!

Well done Tanis--Well done! To all of those who may read this blogg I should inform you that the author of the previous entry titled "Weekend Fun" was not myself but my password/phone number/address memorizing sister Tanis. It is quite remarkable actually how she is able to do it. She really only has to hear a password or phone number once and she somehow has it committed to memory. Well, months ago when she was helping me set up my blog (being computer illiterate as I am) she heard my password. Weeks later, when I went to finally do another post I realized that I could not remember my own in desperation I called up Tanis on the off chance that she perhaps would remember my password--which she did of course.
Well incidentally in her busy life and moving away and such she had temporarily forgotten what it was... this time to my relief as she had threatened on more than one occasion to do a post for me since I was such a laggard at it myself. ---Well, evidently she has once again remembered. Great post Tan, Amen to that.--and great pictures too. Thanks. I'll let you know when my next one is due.

Ahoy: Greeting
Ye: The pirate equivalent of "you".
Yer: The pirate equivalent of "your".
Landlubber: An insult aimed at non-pirates or anyone that does not frequently go to sea.
Me: The pirate equivalent of "my".
Mate: A pirate friend, acquaintance or ally.
Marooned: Abandoned on a deserted island or coast.
Hornswaggle: To cheat or defraud. Hornswaggling is a common occurrence amongst such dishonest folk as pirates.
Be: "Be" is commonly used by pirates in place of "am," "are," or "is." The past tense of "be" is "were" in singular and plural.
Arrr!: "Arrr" can be used by a pirate in almost any context. It can be used to express a pirate's approval, as a verbal declaration of his or her anger or sometimes as simply a way to ensure everybody around knows you are a vicious bloodthirsty pirate.
Aye: The pirate equivalent of "yes", aye can be used in a number is circumstances.


  1. Oh my goodness. When did you learn to talk "pirate." You are so funny!

    seriously, the missing info came to me in the middle of the night, and seeing as you never post anything...

  2. Haha so awesome you guys. Crystal, really inpressed with the translations too.

  3. That is halarious!! But look, it got you blogging again so I cant really blame her. Love ya.