Wednesday, November 28, 2007

J. G. P.

What is your husband's name: Jeremy.
How long have you been married: almost 3 years.
How long did you date before you got married: 5 months from dating to marriage.
Who eats more: Who thinks of these questions? Is this really relevant? Next question please.
Who said I love you first: J.G.P.
Who sings better: I sing more often...does that count?
Who is smarter: Jeremy.
Whose temper is worse: Me.
Who does the laundry: Me.
Who does the dishes: Jeremy.

I am just going to fast forward a bit.....
Where was your first date: At my house games and maybe even Scrabble before the New Year's Dance. I think he cheated because he totally wasted me in Scrabble.

Where did you get engaged: Well, I gave Jeremy the ring to give to me months and months in advance with the expectation that he could present it to me with a proposal when he was ready or he would have to give it back to me if he determined he just wasn't that into me. Though this wasn't an official proposal I definitely think it helped to get the ball rolling a little. He chose the first scenario. It was a bright, yet snowy Sunday and he planned a picnic for after church. We drove out to Brag Creek, found a wooded area and took a stroll through the trees. Then we drove around some more, spotted a hill that we suspected had a gorgeous view, and hauled a card table with two chairs up the snowy hill. Jeremy sent me back to the car to get something and when I returned he had set up an elaborately fancy spread, a delicious multi course meal with real glassware...I had never picnicked like this before. After we had finished he pulled out a couple of board games Scrabble and Battleship and asked me to choose. Well I wasn't thrilled about Scrabble since my last defeat so I picked Battleship...which was a wise decision as I blew him out of the water. Afterward he asked if I wanted to try my hand at Scrabble again, but wanting to end things on a victorious note I declined...To which he looked somewhat disappointed. Well, knowing a thing or two about men's egos I decided I would be a sport, play Scrabble and probably let him win again. He handed me the box and as I opened it a few of the letter chips spilled out. How sloppy I thought...who puts SCRABBLE away like that. Well as I opened the board Jeremy slipped off his chair and got down on one knee in the snow...I was a bit confused at first and then noticed the spelling on the board (he had glued down the scrabble pieces) which looked something like this.

Obviously he completely ignored the rules of the game and cheated again, but I let him win anyway.

Where were you married: Cardston Temple.

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  1. Crystal I check out your blog daily. Awesome info on Jeremy. How romantic.