Friday, March 7, 2008

The Belated Blogger

Well, here is a quick recap of what we have been up to lately:
Boo at the Zoo with The R. Family and the JTH Family: So fun. Thanks Chad for the awesome pictures you took -- We are planning to book you for our Newborn baby pics...What is your fee?
Chaim at the lake Christmas Party in his Santa Suit (Grandma had made for him....SOOO Cute!!)...

Chaim supporting the community GGs. Chaim loves to try to fit into small spaces - shoebox...

In a cupboard.... Or in a Strainer (note the aweful scrape dangerously close to his eye...hence the new/softer couches).

Here are just some shots of how beautiful he is....

I love it when his hair is long... But his post mealtime hair can get a bit too high maintenance....

So it was finally time for a he is right after his 3rd buzz cut...his hair grows fast!

That is just a quick recap of what we have been doing. I have been meaning to blogg for quite some time (partly due to Tan's constant threats/encouragment)...anyway, even though I don't blogg regularly I check all of yours daily. I have gone back to Jewel's last blogg (It's been a year...) dozens of times. It is a very touching tribute to dad and I am so thankful for the time she took to put it all together. We have definitly been thinking a great deal about him lately. It was such a treat on Valentines day to have recieved a suprise delivery... A pink corsage with the note "your dad made me do it"...once a slightly embarassing tradition is now a cherished memory... I can't tell you what an impact that gesture had on me...and the constant care and remembering that our Uncle and Aunt show to us. It is honestly so touching and I am so amazed and greatful for all of their kindness. Thank you everyone. I love you soo much and I am soo greatful for eternal families. We are looking forward to having a new addition to our own little family. I am getting larger and larger and crankier and crankier (Jeremy can attest to that), and yet I still manage to get a kick out of the comments people find appropriate for a pregnant lady...for example, today I went to a little baby store I often frequent with Chaim...and I recieved the comment..."ohh you are starting to look pregnant in your face" ---Translation....I don't think one is needed...we all know what she was really saying.

Chaim is getting funner and funnier each and every day. He is finally walking and I never thought I would say this but I really do miss his crawling days already. He is quite the handful to keep up with now. I wonder/worry what he will think of the new baby. I hope that it is an easy transition. The other day I had another prenatal appointment. I brought Chaim like I always do, and this was the first time he didn't get scared or cry when the doctor started to do her measurements. It was cute because I had him sitting up close to the bed so he could see what was going on...he was quite interested in the doppler and when he heard the heart beat he got a huge smile on his face. Throughout the day he kept making a weird airy-swishing noise that I had never heard him make before...I thought to myself, that is weird, why does he keep making that finally became clear to me later that evening when I was lying on the bed and he started to rub my belly with his hammer and making that sound...he was trying to hear/copy the was soo cute. Well, sorry for rambling, just trying to quickly squeeze as much into one post as I can. In closing if you have any good baby names...we need some serious is another boy so we are at a total loss. Look forward to hearing your picks.


  1. YEAHHHHHH!! Thank you for finally blogging!! I LOVE seeing something new. The Halloween and christmas pics were adorable (though a little pathetic that you are just posting that now BTW) Serioulsy he is SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!! Crystal Chaim is the most photogenic little boy. Although he does appear to be a little phsycotic about his girl guide cookies:::)))))

    Holy cow he is cute.

    Love you all

  2. Great post Crystal. Just in time too, before this new baby comes... at least we've got a bunch of pictuers to tie us over until... uh, Christmas!

  3. Oh btw I like the name Nathan. Though I'm not giving that to you as a suggestion. I'm telling you not to even THINK about taking it! Jokes:)

    Marcus? Jack?

  4. This was a great post Crystal. Got any more?

  5. Awesome. So, anything else happen lately?