Friday, June 13, 2008

One more = Makes Four

Thank you guys for spreading the word about our new baby...You all mentioned it on your blogs (KJAMB, CHEMT and A.D.I.O.L) and have told more people than we have. These past few weeks have seemed to whiz by and finally I feel like I am starting to figure out having a new baby again. You all have totally spoiled us...Thank you Jewel, Tan and Heather for all of the incredible meals, and Tan thanks for coming up and giving me a hand with my appts and my Chaim...He sure stayed busy with and misses Abby and Sam. The delivery went awesome and super quick...We had excellent nurses and I opted to try a natural delivery this time...finally after 6:00 minutes of hard labor, we met our new little boy...OSCAR RANDALL PAYNE...I have to admit, I am still not quite used to the name myself...It seems to catch me off guard a little every time I hear or say it...Anyway, he is perfect...He was 7 lbs 7 oz and is eating and gaining weight great (unlike our little Chaim did) which is a nice relief. I wish I had pictures for you but as we are still using a non-digital camera you will have to wait until I get them developed. Chad took some cute ones of him though...Thanks Chad! Anyway, thanks for all of your help and love. We sure are blessed. I will post pictures as soon as get them...but he is CUUUTE!


  1. oh happy day! Glad to see you a post. Give Oscar a hug and kiss for us. Seriously, his name is cute! I think your baby names are cool (likely won't have any doubles in their classes...maybe) and besides, you could have always done something plain like... I dunno.... Chad.

  2. Crystal! It was so awesome to log on and see a new post!
    Sorry I haven't gotten photos to you yet. If you want, you can copy the ones from CHEMT and post them here. I really need to get that CD to you.

    Love ya lots,

    Chad (not plain at all)

  3. Yeah!!!! We loved seeing oscar and chaim. They will be such cute little brothers! We love you all!!!!!!!