Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nie Nie Lessons

Well, if you are LDS, or if you Blog, or if by chance both apply to you, you have probably heard of Stephanie and Christian Neilson. I came across their story one night of mindless blog-hopping, and ever since have been captivated with this marvelous family -- Stephanie, a beautiful young, effervescent mother of 4, her lovely husband Christian, 4 adorable kids, plus dog.
This past summer Stephanie and Christian were in a horrible plane crash and are currently recovering from very serious injuries...People from around the world have rallied around them, praying for them, donating to their recovery, and tuning in daily for updates on their recovery...An enormous phenomena has occurred within the blogging community, with thousands of people...some who know the family, but most who do not rallying behind them for support...a testament to me that "blog-stalking" (as my husband likes to call it--a casual past time of mine) is not at all bad. You see, Stephanie kept a regular blog...she blogged about family, friends, the church, and motherhood...all fairly ordinary stuff....stuff that all of us can relate to, but in reading her blog doesn't take long before her ordinary life seems simply extraordinary. I am soo thankful that she has opened up her life, blogged about the dailies of being a wife and mother, and shared her testimony of both with all that read her blog...I do not know her, I wish I did. She is one of those people that you would love to be friends with...and she has taught me lots just in the few days that I have become familiar with their family.
Soo, here are some lessons (in no particular order) that Nie Nie has taught me...a complete stranger...but I am now a forever fan. Thanks.
1. The joy of motherhood...I love being a mom, there has never been any doubt in that fact...but I admire Nie Nie for her energy in her motherhood pursuits...she is fun, vivacious, and creative with her kids...I love that she wishes they didn't have to go to school so they could stay home with her and bake/eat cookies all day. I sometimes feel like a tired old hag, worn out and exhausted...I know that Stephanie had these moments in motherhood too, but I am inspired by how she would honestly admit them, tackle them, and then get on with the day.
2. Loving being a wife and loving the hubby. I love being a wife to, and I sure do love Jeremy...but I admire how often she lets her husband know how crazy she is about him (sadly Jeremy gets a grump wife a little too often)-- how she writes cute little love letters to him on her blog, or how she debates what to wear for him so she can look nice for when he comes home from work...a particular lesson for me...You know it is bad when the simple/hygienic act of putting on deodorant invokes the question from JTB of "..mmm, you smell nice,what's the occasion?" (not in a mean way, but a very sincere, "is something going on that I don't know about?" sort of way). I think it is cute how she wants to look good for her hubby...a good reminder for me.
3. Her sense of style. I love, love her style...and it is evident in every single picture...whether it be a craft she is working on, a picture of her home (red coffee table/armoir, vintage green cabinets, colorful walls), her clothes, or whatever it may be..."that is soo nie nie", runs through everything.
I used to have my own that many people may not have necessarily appreciate (roommates, fellowy friends, and friends), but nevertheless my own...and I have traded it in the last few years for mat clothes and frumpy mom attire...I would love to get my style back and it is time to dig out those green tights and find my corduroy coat again.
4. Her love of the gospel...She takes very seriously her roles of wife and mother and knows how divine and sacred those roles are. She does not aspire to be famous or be applauded by those around her...but seeks to fulfill her sacred duties in the best way possible, by becoming the best that she can be...and this can really only be done through living the gospel of Jesus Christ.
5. The joys of Homemakering. Being on mat leave, I am just getting into this, but I love how she loves to beautify everything around her.
Well, the kids are starting to stir and will need their morning feeding I am going to have to cut it short...there is maybe more to come. I hope that this doesn't seem to weird that I am obsessed and in love with these perfect strangers. I truly hope and pray for the recovery of this amazing family.
don't get me wrong, it is not like I don't have AMAZING influences of these points in my own life daily, that I need to gather them from a complete stranger...My Sisters/sister in law are all perfect examples of all of these things...Heather is an amazing chef, who spoils (and I mean SPOILS) her husband with her culinary skills, with an enviously calm temperament and affinity for patience, that I can only dream of. And how she is soo good to her husband and always puts family first--ohh yeah, and I love her hair. I love how creative Tan is (photog. and painting) and how she finds/makes time for the things she loves...and I have always been jealous of your organizational skills -- your home is always so clean and cozy, and also how you never look like a frump mom (even with flailing child in hand, you look great with perfectly coiffed hair --i.e. newspaper pic). And Jewel, well, I have always tried to be a bit of a copycat with you...I love how great you are with kids (how you have the whole neighborhood over at your house and are so open and inviting with your home), and how creative you are with your sewing and crafts, and how generous you are with your time and talents, and your really do seem like a supermom. And I love how all of you plan great activities/trips for your families...Anyway, I guess in short...I am glad to be a wife and mother and I am particularly grateful for the powerful women for good in my life that remind me of this blessing each and every day.


  1. That was a great post crystal. I'd never heard of that family before but they sure do sound amazing. Thanks for the great advice. Wonderful to reflect on what's most important hey!

  2. I hadn't heard of them either but I did visit her blog and read a bit of it. I know what you mean that she is the kind of person you'd want to be friends with. They seem to have a great life and are really good at living it in every way that matters.
    It's a real shame what has happened to them but at least they have a lot of support to help them in their recovery.

    I like your new template by the way. Awesome post!

  3. Uh, look who's calling the kettle black? (can I use that saying here)? I mean about all those kind things you had to say about us!! Don't even start this game, cause my blog couldn't HOLD enough good to say about you!!!!!!! Love ya lots Crystal. Thanks for the link to that blog. I'll check it out. (oh, and seriously.... I'm coming for dinner!).