Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Once A Month Cooking - Part II

Well, with only a few meals left from my first cooking extravaganza, this weekend I decided to do it again (Plan B this time) as I can no longer renew the book from the library and must part with it today.
So here is a recap on how Plan A went:
Baked Jambalaya - It was good, but I should have froze it in at least 3 different portion, we had it too many times in a row.
Stuffed Pork Chops - good but would have been better with chicken.
Beef Goulash - Pretty good for a simple meal, made yummy wraps for the next day.
Caraway Pot Roast - sauerkraut and caraway seeds in a pot roast...I don't think I would make it again. (Sauerkraut really only belongs with hullupche, and hot dogs).
Spaghetti - Good.
Taco Soup - Good
Marinated Flank Steak - Delicious! The meat turns out soo tender. Jeremy couldn't stop raving about this meal.
Cranberry Chicken - Really good.
Twelve-Boy Curry - I liked it.
Chili Hamburgers - yummy.
Karen's BBQ Chicken - Really Yummy.
Baked Fish in Spaghetti Sauce -Good, and I was introduced to a new not so fishy fish -Talapita.
Fiesta Shrimp Dinner - Haven't had it yet.
Sweet Soy Marinated Chicken - Haven't had it yet.
So Basically I do the two-week Plans, which because of the size of our family lasts us about a month (as we seperate each meal into two freezer bags for two different days). I also will once in a while make something else (that is not in my freezer) that I know Chaim will gobble up (sole and alfredo is his favorite)...Anyway, groceries are about $250 each time we do it and that gives us a month worth of new meals to try for dinner. I especially love not having to worry about what to make for dinner that night or run to the store last minute because I don't have everything on hand.

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  1. I WANT that book. No wait. I NEED that book. You are amazing. I love how you take one day and cook it all and then you are set for the month. GENIOUS!