Friday, November 21, 2008


We rented Wall-E the other day - moreso because I wanted to see it...I really didn't think Chaim would get into the whole robot thing yet, but he actually really quite enjoyed it (rivetedly in fact). And I thought it was spectacular--quite thought-provoking and adorably sublime.
It was neat to see how Chaim got the subtle humor of the show and how easily he followed the movie, even with most of the movie having very little in the way of verbal dialogue.
I enjoyed the simple yet beautiful love story between Wall-E and Eve, the satirical view of humans, the take home message (or one of them at least) of taking care of our earth, and as always with Pixar--the animation.
Well done Pixar! Definitely on my "favorites" list. You should check it out if you get the chance.


  1. Yes the animation in WALL-E is the best yet. I enjoyed WALL-E and EVE's story the most. The best part for me was at the end in WALL-E's home when EVE was desperately trying to put WALL-E back together again. When she finally has all his parts replaced, instead of taking a few extra seconds to move him outside again, and without taking her eyes off him, she instantly whips her arm upward, and blasts a hole in the ceiling to bring him his life giving sunshine. It was as if she was trying to save him from drowning and every second counted. If only WALL-E could have been conscious to witness that scene he would have known without any doubt how much EVE had come to care for him.


    Also, I received my prize in the mail today Crystal. Actually I hadn't checked my mailbox for a couple of days so it may have arrived even on Thursday or Wednesday.
    Thanks you very much for the Norwex Enviro-Cloth and for taking the trouble and expense of mailing it to me. I'll be sure to put it to good use.

  2. I just watched WALL-E again and it turns out EVE did take her eyes off him and look up when she blasted a hole in the ceiling. I was remembering it wrong for some reason. Sorry for the misinformation and for the fact that my comments combined are probably longer than your post. That's got to be some kind of blog etiquette breach.

  3. I think we need to rent that one. Never seen it.

  4. Lorin - Your comments are always so funny. Thanks for the misinformation and then the correction of it...I did not fully catch the details of that part. Thanks for highlighting it.
    I have talked to a few others about the movie and they have felt that it was a pretty sad movie...maybe I am weird for liking it. Ohh well.

    I am also glad you got the cloth...I hope you like it and can find a use for it in you home.