Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ode to Oscar

Well, I just got up to feed Oscar...I love this little guy. Some of my favorite things about him are...
1. First and foremost, he is a wonderful happy baby.
2. Sometimes when he looks at me I can't help but blurt out..."ahh, you just adore me!!"...he is soo obvious about it...he thinks I am awesome.
3. I love his sweaty-banana-smell he has when he sleeps.
4. PEACH FUZZ!! I love his blond peach fuzz...especially on his upper lip (mustachy area), unibrow, temples, his hairy little back...the back of his fingers...I love it, and it is everywhere.
5. He gets "stinky cheese feet" if he hasn't had a bath for a couple of days...but I love the smell...I think it is cute.
6. His breath smells like jolly ranchers to me.
7. He loves his brother and is soo tolerant of him (especially since the release of Kung-Fu rule in our home...No Kung-fu--though I secretly think it is cute how Chaim will bow his head, put his fist in his hand and say "Master" (or at least his version of it) before him and daddy spar...still the same, no more!!).
8. Beautiful eyes.
9. Enormous smile.
10. Infectious laugh...he even gets Chaim going with it.
11. I love it when he gets chatty...or squeally rather.
12. His rolly thighs.
Well, I shoulld try and go back to bed...but seriously, I am addicted to this kid....
I sure do love my Oscar.


  1. So sweet Crystal. He's changing so much. That's so funny about Chaim and Kung Fu. We STILL haven't rented that show! You are right, he's got some adorable eyes and huge smile. Did I ever send you those shots I took of him as a baby blowing spit bubbles? I saw them the other day again as I was going through my file and thought again, he's such a cute baby!!!!!!

  2. So cute. It seems like he looks different every time we see him. He is growing up way too fast! BTW love Kung Fu Panda. It's so funny! It's the best when Tyson quotes lines from it, so it is hilarious to hear that Chaim does that too!

    - H