Monday, February 16, 2009

I LOVE My Boys!!!!

Chaim cracks me up each and every day...I love that he sometimes eats his soup with his hands and his grapes with a he says mommy, whheeeze, ah-ah (oscar)...his kisses and hugs...when he plays with oscar and tries to make him laugh...I love how much he loves his daddy...His infectious dimply smile...his big beautiful green eyes...the way he runs, his crazy hair. How he takes you by the hand and leads you to where he wants to play with you...His crazy boy energy...How he is such a thrill seeker and loves rolling and tumbling off of furniture...He is such a great little boy...I am such a lucky mom.

Oscar is getting bigger and bigger by the seems a little bitter sweet...I am sad that it is all going by soo fast...but at the same time I am loving each new thing he does...I love his little toothy smile (4 teeth with a big gap in between two of them). I love his laugh..his eyes...the way he smells. He is such a sweet little boy that loves cuddles and to be held, but I also love how easy-going he is how he can play and explore on his own. I love how much he adores his brother...his curiosity and the way he is always pushing himself. He is already going up stairs, crawling, standing and trying to walk as he pushes the laundry basket...I love it and I am so proud...
I sure do love my little boys.

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